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Frank Holliday (Rod Gay)
Frank studied acting at the North Carolina School of the Arts. He has appeared in numerous films and theatrical works, including productions by Richard Forman (Praxis) and Ridley Scott (American Gangster). Frank is also highly regarded for his work as a painter and has been very active in the New York arts scene since the late 1970s. Some of his work can be found on his website:

Flip Jorgensen (Tommy Gay)
Flip Jorgensen, who hails from Opiroven, Denmark, was assistant head of Bretzga Salinification for Reinheitsgebot Industries in the 1980s before steaming to America to train in the black arts. He plays first klentong in the New Jersey Gamelon Gong Kebyar in Dumont, where he operates a small gibbon farm. Hobbies include erudition, veracity and guile.

Mike Russnak (Alex Gay)
THE GAYS is Mike Russnak's very first role: anywhere, ever! He is an East Village artist and dogwalker from Brooklyn and among his hobbies are painting, erotic art, live modeling and being a wonderful other man to his future husband Chuck (who now needs a divorce!) and dear father to a Red Standard Poodle named Viking. Mike hopes to be in acting school shortly and owes thanks to T.S. and Paul for making this film a surreal and hilarious starting point for him.

Chris Tanner (Bob Gay-Paris)
Chris Tanner has been doing his own and other peoples' plays at LaMama and other places in New York City since 1979. His new collaboration Ravaged by Romance: The Etiquette of Dying is directed by Julie Atlas Muz and will open in 2012 in the Ellen Stewart Theatre. He periodically shows his visual art at galleries in and around New York. He is represented by Pavel Zoubok. In addition to The Gays, he can be seen in Narrowcast and Spin Cycle, both films by Eric Marciano.


Matthew Benjamin (Chris)
Matthew has been acting and singing locally for many years and he is happy to have been able to participate in THE GAYS. He is currently living and working in New York City and would like to thank his friends and family for all of their great support.

Roberto Larancuent (Billy)
Roberto earned his first industry nomination in the experimental theatrical production Expediente Homosexual in the category of Best Male Newcomer (Latin ACE Awards 2005). With the role of El Diablo in the play Las Manos de Dios, the Latin ACE Awards recognized him with a second nomination for Best Actor in a Drama (2008). In the summer of 2009 he produced and hosted the TV segment 'S.O.S. en Cine' on the cable TV show Con Minerva S.O.S. You can view some of Roberto's TV segment works at: Currently, Roberto is developing his social enterprise business project,, to encourage social responsibility toward our environment.

Robert Smith (Dr. Merrin)
Robert recently returned to the acting field and has worked in a number of university films and several independent films including Adrift for Companion Pictures, Rust and Drunk Tank: Last Call for Guinea Pig Pictures and It's All Relative for Lakota Films.

Danny Aksenov as Bound Boy; Sleeping "Adonis"; and Bathhouse Patron #1

Micah Shane Ballinger as Bathhouse Extra #1

Ethan Boivie as Bar Patron
Ethan Boivie is a former rocket scientist who went on sabbatical to teach at a Buddhist temple school in Thailand. Ethan competed in ballroom dance at college, and in his spare time, he picked up a couple degrees in engineering. When not playing acoustic guitar, performing weddings or engineering things, Ethan is a comedy writer, and enjoys appearing on camera. His credits include nothing you have ever heard of, but his shit is funny.

Jarmell Dixon as Stadium Bathroom Cruisee

Phil E. Eichinger as Bathhouse Patron #2
Phil E. Eichinger was born in Staten Island, NY and later moved to Howell, NJ. He graduated Howell High School and pursued a college education at Monmouth University where he earned a BA in Fine Arts. He is a former Semi-Professional and Collegiate Ice Hockey Player. As for today, Phil is a Professional Actor living in Rahway, NJ. Recent days have been nothing less than magnificent, earning solid work in all areas: Film, Television and Theatre. His hard work ethic, dedication and persistence continue to take his career to the next level. For more information about Phil please visit:

John Ericson as Bathhouse Extra #2

Eugene The Poogene as He-Suk

Kevin McIntyre as Bathhouse Extra #3

Dushan Milojevic as Adoring One Night Stand and Bathhouse Extra #4

Richard Schieffer as Stadium Bathroom Bystander and Bathhouse Patron #3
Richard was born and raised in Upstate NY. Being a mere 22 years old with a background in dance and vocal performance, he decided it was time to try the film industry. He has dreams of being able to sing, dance, and act: to become a triple threat.

Jonny Con Carne as the Bartender
Jonny is a multi-talented multi-media multi-man whose hobbies include papier mache and doin' it. He likes sunflowers, fellow Virgos, and smoked meat. His number one pet peeve is public massage.

Joshua Weigand as Tony

Nicholas Wilder as Kevin

So Cheeky as Bob Gay-Paris's Ass


T.S. Slaughter (Writer and Director)
New York-based underground filmmaker T.S. Slaughter first captured the attention of the international gay film world in 2008 with the debut of his darkly comic gay slasher, SKULL & BONES, an Official Selection of Mexico City's notorious Mix Mexico festival of sexual diversity in cinema. Soon thereafter, Ariztical Entertainment Group in Hollywood acquired SKULL & BONES. Despite (or perhaps owing to) the film's edgy, politically incorrect nature SKULL & BONES has sold widely on DVD and as a digital download, and was a popular featured item on Gawker . SKULL & BONES earned favorable reviews from The Bay Area Reporter, Edge New York, Film Verdict, Rogue Cinema, Film Apocalypse, TLA and's Nick Starr and Al, and gay culture maven and critic Michael Bronski. See more at THE GAYS is T.S.'s second feature. Upcoming film projects now in the planning stages feature many of T.S.'s favorite themes: home invasion, serial murder, gay bullying, gay-on-straight humiliation, and the maladaptation of the gay child.

Paul Serrano (Producer)
Before SKULL & BONES (T.S.'s first film), Paul had worked with TS on two 16mm short films. THE GAYS is the second T.S. Slaughter feature he has produced. Paul's artistic interests range from photography to fiction. In addition to his film productions, Paul has produced video, motion graphics, and interactive projects for large international companies that he will not name here.

Puto Jones (Director of Photography)
Coming soon!

Becky Hubbert (Wardrobe)
Becky Hubbert has been working in New York for the last twelve years making and procuring costumes for plays, movies and commercials. She is very happy to have contributed a little bit to The Gays and always enjoys working with the wonderful Chris Tanner.

Jeanne Dielman (Editor)
Born in Brussels, Belgium to an eccentric Jehovah Witness mother and a borderline schizophrenic father, Jeanne had both devotion and insanity on her side--the makings of a great artist. A bit of a late bloomer, her sex was not determined until the age of 10. This enabled her to drift in and out of gender roles seamlessly, allowing her to experience early childhood, from both sides of the fence.

Jeanne attended the prestigious Royal Academy of the Arts in the Hague, where she studied sculpture, film and the art of incest. Just before her graduation, she was exposed to a rare virus. It was believed to have been contracted after she consumed a spoiled concoction of beef bourguignon, goose entrails, and spam. After her fever broke, she had lost her ability to speak in her native tongues of French and Flemish.

But inexplicably, she was still able to speak English--except with a weird, fake sounding French accent.

Upon her recovery, she moved to New York City, where she worked briefly as a celibate courtesan for a very affluent and impotent French diplomatic. After his sudden passing late one night, due to a slip and fall onto one of Jeanne's art pieces--an erect spike secured to the floor just outside of his bedroom, she knew it was a sign...

After her acquittal, Jeanne decided to stay in New York City, calling it, with pitiful pronunciation, her "nouvelle maison". Jeanne is proud to be following her dream and is looking forward to making more films of a dark and deviant nature.

Sound Recordist
Aimee Thomas

"Come Meet The Gays" Theme Song
Brian Lee (composition and performance)
TS Slaughter (lyrics)

Sound Design
Mike Miller


Luca Lounge
Production Junction NYC

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. Funny that.


"The Gays is a thrill, hilarious, critical, insightful and inspirational film. It is rated R and not recommended for teenagers. There is some nudity involved and very vulgar language. It's also not recommended to heavily religious people because I don't think they would like to hear what The Gays had said about Gabriel! Unless you want to shock your super religious grandmother..."

"THE GAYS is, in the original sense of the word, campy to the nth degree. It is also unrelentingly and unashamedly raunchy. It's impossible not to pick up on the John Waters vibe throughout and, with Chris Tanner as its anchor, this picture may well be highly spoken of in the same circles someday."
Booksteve's Library

"There is full frontal nudity and a couple of really gross moments, but they are all in fun. I can guarantee that there will be no Academy Award nominations in acting from this film. But that's great--the lousy acting makes the movie that much more fun. Personally, I loved the film and the nerve of those who had anything to do with it."
Reviews by Amos Lassen

"I can see it becoming a cult classic in twenty years. Now, there are some over the top gross scenes (like the birthing part, oh god). The film does get pornographic at a few parts, but if you like hot naked men (like I do) then you really won't mind it. It all depends on how you view those kinds of things. Other than that, it was a fun watch."
Night Fever King

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