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"The Gays is a thrill, hilarious, critical, insightful and inspirational film. It is rated R and not recommended for teenagers. There is some nudity involved and very vulgar language. It's also not recommended to heavily religious people because I don't think they would like to hear what The Gays had said about Gabriel! Unless you want to shock your super religious grandmother..."

"THE GAYS is, in the original sense of the word, campy to the nth degree. It is also unrelentingly and unashamedly raunchy. It's impossible not to pick up on the John Waters vibe throughout and, with Chris Tanner as its anchor, this picture may well be highly spoken of in the same circles someday."
Booksteve's Library

"There is full frontal nudity and a couple of really gross moments, but they are all in fun. I can guarantee that there will be no Academy Award nominations in acting from this film. But that's great--the lousy acting makes the movie that much more fun. Personally, I loved the film and the nerve of those who had anything to do with it."
Reviews by Amos Lassen

"I can see it becoming a cult classic in twenty years. Now, there are some over the top gross scenes (like the birthing part, oh god). The film does get pornographic at a few parts, but if you like hot naked men (like I do) then you really won't mind it. It all depends on how you view those kinds of things. Other than that, it was a fun watch."
Night Fever King

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