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We have been thrilled to collect so many positive reviews of the film.
We thank all those hard-working reviewers out there all over the world who took the time to watch and write about THE GAYS. Clearly there are plenty of like-minded homosexuals (and even some heterosexuals) out there! It really helps to spread the word.

We hope you all liked our viral Christmas clip series, The 12 Gays of Xmas, each featuring a particularly raunchy scene from THE GAYS, all keyed to my satirical takes on the 12 Days from the beloved carol!. If you missed them, you can watch Gay 1 here on YouTube and the others will follow automatically ("up next"): 

We also appreciate all the followers on Twitter, lapping up our endless series of tweets featuring the sickest news imaginable, torn from the headlines! And not just the tabloids, mind you. Jeez, if it's not toddler sharp shooters blasting their pro-gun mothers in the face, or husbands stabbing their whole families to death in a psychotic rage, it's guys eating their stash to hide it from the cop siren's flash! Seriously.

I'll soon be casting for my latest film, another twisted feature. This one is about a perverted, elderly white traffic court judge in Alabama. The judge has a habit of sentencing every strapping male moving violator who comes before the court to "community service" involving lots of scantly clad and downright nude bending over (posing for still photographs) as well as paddling and spanking each other while he videotapes them at his house. In one climactic scene the judge offers to pay a particularly fine specimen $300 to pose naked as Michelangelo's statue David. Tentative title of the film: Michelangelo, Alabama (shades of Paris, Texas - hee hee).

After that I'll be writing a new screenplay about an LGBT terrorist group that goes around bombing symbols of str8 banality, like football stadiums, churches, and shopping malls, family reunions, bar mitzvahs, and bridal showers.

Love and oversize butt plugs,

T.S. Slaughter

THE GAYS and Our Times
We feel the current political climate provides the perfect moment for a film like THE GAYS to appear on the scene. With the recent fall of DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act) and the defeat of California's Proposition 8 (more like Proposition Str8!), both of which had sought to legislate gay marriage rights out of existence, and with the IRS sorting out all kinds of previously denied benefits for married gays and lesbians, we find ourselves in a new post-gay-marriage-struggle utopia. Or do we?

With gay marriage comes the inevitable gay divorce. And with increasingly liberal adoption policies, the more gay and lesbian couples will feel pushed into raising children just because one member of the couple wants to (just like straights) or due to pressures from family or friends or to a newfound drive to appear "normal" now that marriage equality is within reach. Not all gays and lesbian couples may be up to these challenges, yet they may not come to realize it until it is too late (again, just like straights). And hark what discord follows!

THE GAYS taps into all our anxieties about what it means to live as though we are like everyone else. Even though the retro gay "married" couple in the film, Rod and Bob, pre-date actual married gays of today, their relationship embodies all the complexities we might now start to anticipate for our present-day selves in earnest.

Issues they confront include those that have plagued gays since the 60s and probably earlier: what to do about balancing the security of a monogamous relationship with the inevitable boredom that comes with unending sameness? How do you define sex and other roles without replicating stereotypes like the homemaker versus the breadwinner? How, if you have kids, do you deal with their own emerging gayness or straightness without replicating all the dysfunctionality of the compulsory-straight nuclear family of times past? How do you discuss sex with them? Should you be as prudish as folks were in times past? Or is that destructively repressive? Should you be super open? Or is that too much information? And perhaps most of all, if the kids ARE gay, how do you arm them for the rough and tumble of a "fag eat fag world"? THE GAYS tackles all these questions and more with raunchy good humor designed to make you think after the side-splitting laughter stops.

-- T. S. Slaughter


"The Gays is a thrill, hilarious, critical, insightful and inspirational film. It is rated R and not recommended for teenagers. There is some nudity involved and very vulgar language. It's also not recommended to heavily religious people because I don't think they would like to hear what The Gays had said about Gabriel! Unless you want to shock your super religious grandmother..."

"THE GAYS is, in the original sense of the word, campy to the nth degree. It is also unrelentingly and unashamedly raunchy. It's impossible not to pick up on the John Waters vibe throughout and, with Chris Tanner as its anchor, this picture may well be highly spoken of in the same circles someday."
Booksteve's Library

"There is full frontal nudity and a couple of really gross moments, but they are all in fun. I can guarantee that there will be no Academy Award nominations in acting from this film. But that's great--the lousy acting makes the movie that much more fun. Personally, I loved the film and the nerve of those who had anything to do with it."
Reviews by Amos Lassen

"I can see it becoming a cult classic in twenty years. Now, there are some over the top gross scenes (like the birthing part, oh god). The film does get pornographic at a few parts, but if you like hot naked men (like I do) then you really won't mind it. It all depends on how you view those kinds of things. Other than that, it was a fun watch."
Night Fever King

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